The New Leadership Team Is Elected!

Today the 13th General Chapter gathered in Shillington presents the new elected leadership team of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood: 

new leadership team

Along with the new Superior General - Sr. Monica Mary Ncube cps (middle) - who was elected on Saturday, the following sisters were elected to the new General leadership team of the congregation: (from left to right): Sr. Caroline Mjomba (East Africa), Sr. Ursel Beyerle (Motherhouse, Netherlands), Sr. Walburga Ballhausen (Generalate) and Sr. Marguerite Marie Uy (Generalate).

Sr. Monica Mary Ncube CPS (Superior General)

Sr. Caroline Mjomba CPS (1. assistant and vicaress)

Sr. Walburga Ballhausen CPS (2. assistant and sec.gen.)

Sr. Marguerite Marie Uy CPS (3. assistant)

Sr. Ursel Beyerle CPS (4. assistant)

We sincerely thank these sisters for their devotion to our congregation. May God reward their willingness and accompany and support them in this important ministry on our behalf.



“REJOICE and BE GLAD”   (Mt 5:12),

Jesus tells those persecuted or humiliated for his sake. The Lord asks everything of us, and in return he offers us true life, the happiness for which we were created.

He wants us to be saints and not to settle for a bland and mediocre existence.