In God's Hand

In Gods Handformer EU prov leadersBeside the candles - a symbol of growing unity - we have this carving called In God’s Hand - a symbol of Hope and Trust for our EU Province.

God’s hand supports three people - holding the new EU Province established from 2 provinces/ 1 region, comprising 5 countries – all represented here today.

paschal candleWe find even our EU Province on the Easter Candle displayed in the three drops of blood – life giving in the Risen Lord.
How much life and hope holds the future if we open our hearts and reach out to the Other!
How powerful can this message of Hope and Trust and Life be by simply being present to one another with compassion and care knowing that it is God who carries and accompanies us into the future.

Sr. Walburga Ballhausen, CPS



Life is a Mission!

Every man and woman is  a mission; that is the reason for our life on this earth.

To be attracted and to be sent are two movements that our hearts, especially when we are young, feel as interior forces of love; they hold out promise for our future and they give direction to our lives.